Reflection on this Semester

Reflection on this Semester

Going into this semester, I plan to as open minded as possible. It is pretty amazing to think that I am already going into my junior year of college when it feels like it was just yesterday that I was finishing my final day of freshman orientation. I feel like junior year is the most important out of the four.
Along with school and baseball, another focus this year is to find job opportunities, whether it’s through interviews or internships. This course can be extremely beneficial for me because I have always been interested in the fields of broadcasting and journalism. During my freshman year of high, I took my first media class. I am excited to strengthen my skills in this field to help me in my future career.
But, with every goal comes an obstacle. A challenge I plan of taking on is having to manage my time in an efficient manner. I have had trouble with this in the past and I feel like this is a good year to finally overcome this challenge. There will always be challenges and when it comes to being successful, it’s the matter of overcoming them and remaining focused on your future to find self-success.


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